Characteristics of a Good Candle Jars Wholesale

When starting a candle-making business, you will need a supplier that will be able to supply candle jars wholesale. Many new candle makers need help with the kind of candle jars to select so they don’t get losses due to getting poor quality candle jars. There are different types of jars with different shapes and sizes. Choosing a beautiful yet good quality candle jar that can resist the heat from the burning candle and the melting wax for your business is critical.

Qualities of a Good Candle Jar Wholesale.

When getting candle jars to start a candle business, looking at their quality before making an order is essential. Since you may be buying bulk, ensuring good quality is paramount.


Choose a fire-resistant container. You want to choose something other than a candle jar that absorbs wax and becomes a large wick that can start a fire. Getting flammable candle jars can be a massive risk for your business. Using wooden and dough bowls as candle jars can easily catch fire, especially if left unattended. Choosing candle jars that are non-flammable is advisable to maintain a good clientele.

Heat resistant

If you are looking to choose glass jars for your candle business, choosing one that is heat resistant is vital. The everyday glasses in our homes are not heat resistant; they can easily shatter if exposed to heat. Tempered glass is preferable; they are made to withstand the heat from the lit candle and the melting wax. Other containers that are heat resistant include cast iron, tins, and oven-safe ceramic.

The shape of the container

When selecting the shape of the container, please don’t choose a container that won’t give you a problem when it is time to choose a wick—keeping in mind that the wick will create a circular pool of wax that will maintain the same burning diameter from the first to the last burn. For instance, when choosing a wick for a thin candle jar at the top and wide at the bottom. Selecting a wick to go with will take a lot of work. Going with a wick that burns well with the proper diameter towards the end will create a tunnel since the bottom is wide. Meanwhile, if you go with a wicked right for the broad base, it will be too hot for the top. Choose a cylindrical vessel with straight sides and an even bottom to avoid it toppling over.

Other considerations when choosing a glass candle jar.

  • Always look at the glass jar carefully to see if there are cracks, leaks, and weak seams.
  • Avoid glass jars that have bubbles in them. They may look cute, but they are placed in glass that is thin and fragile to heat.
  • Avoid using recycled glasses because they can’t hold heat well.


Choosing candle jars that are safe and won’t cause a fire is crucial. Since there are many options, always do your due diligence to ensure it’s safe to use as a candle jar.



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